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Welcome to, a website dedicated to insurance agency Seeman Holtz and its commitment to mitigating financial liability and lawsuit concerns via property and casualty insurance services. Seeman Holtz recognizes that we live in a litigious society, and a strong defense of insurance tailored to an individual’s needs is one of the premier ways to financially protect against lawsuits outcomes and other potential issues. To this point, Seeman Holtz will frequently update this site with information that can be helpful for individuals that wish to learn more about coverage, insurance trends, and the insurance industry as a sector.

 Seeman Holtz’s History

Seeman Holtz was founded by Eric Holtz and Marshal Seeman, who met together as freshman roommates at Washington University in St. Louis. When the duo began working together, they spent years researching and identifying the role that products and strategies play in different family situations. The team eventually left salesmanship in favor of becoming trusted advisors, and incorporated Seeman Holtz’s formal client service model in 2007. Since then, Seeman Holtz has utilized its experience to provide beneficial services for businesses and individuals in need of its assistance.

Seeman Holtz was founded with the goal to earn business for its clients and is dedicated to consistently providing value within the areas of business the company operates within. As early as the initial conversation with a representative, Seeman Holtz works hard to ensure that its clients are educated on the firm’s process, service model, and core philosophies that impact how the organization does business. This commitment has empowered Seeman Holtz to maintain a clear vision as it works to become the nation’s most respected family of companies.

Seeman Holtz Property & Casualty Lawsuit Protection

Seeman Holtz recognizes that many people have ongoing liability concerns that they wish to have addressed for a variety of reasons. To this point, Seeman Holtz believes that providing individuals with the right insurance and service to meet their needs is an important factor in financial defense against lawsuits and concerns. This dedication to quality insurance products presents clients with practical solutions as well as peace of mind knowing that they are covered. The firm offers major insurance carriers across the country and features all lines of personal and commercial insurance. This, combined with its dedication to client service, keeps Seeman Holtz on the cutting edge of the insurance industry.

Seeman Holtz includes a wide range of insurance options meant to offer a layer of protection to clients with tailored needs. Such offerings include:

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Personal Insurance
  • Private Client Group / Tailored Insurance
  • Marine Insurance

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance contains a wide range of coverages that include automobile, homeowners, renter’s insurance, personal articles, umbrella/ excess liability, and more. In terms of Seeman Holtz lawsuit mitigation strategies, personal umbrella policies are known for providing an extra layer of affordable liability protection.

Individuals that are considering an insurance firm such as Seeman Holtz for lawsuit financial protection often consider a personal umbrella policy (PUP) for the same reasons most purchase other insurance coverage- accidents happen! Coverages that offer protection if accidents are to occur on your property can provide assurance that they will not put their house or assets at risk.

Personal umbrella policies work by increasing one’s overall liability coverage beyond what is provided by basic coverage under homeowner and auto insurance policies. These policies are not only low cost but are designed specifically to help financially protect an individual and their family from lawsuit or judgement.

Commercial Insurance

Following a difficult year for businesses across multiple sectors, commercial insurance has proved itself as a viable method to keep businesses protected as they perform critical functions. Seeman Holtz works directly with owners and their teams to devise a strategy that keeps their operations and objectives front and center. This includes comprehensive management assessment and risk analysis, as well as negotiation to assist with protecting businesses against loss.

Seeman Holtz lawsuit mitigation strategies for commercial entities includes multiple facets including property & casualty for owners, commercial general liability, fidelity & crime, umbrella liability, professional & fiduciary liability, workers compensation, and boiler & machinery. Because each business contains different risks and has different needs for insurance to defend against liability, Seeman Holtz remains dedicated to providing the best coverage possible for clients.

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance may not be a legal requirement for individuals in most states, however, Seeman Holtz acknowledges many ways in which coverage is crucial to assuage liability concerns. The team is led by experienced yacht insurance advisors that are understanding of the needs of the individual consulting them and can speak from experience regarding coverage. There is a wide range of coverage solutions available for yachts and boats. Seeman Holtz lawsuit mitigation strategies for individuals interested in marine insurance typically includes Liability Boat Insurance. This coverage can be a source of assistance for paying medical expenses or legal costs if you are found at fault in an accident.

Private Client Insurance

Recognizing the importance of insurance coverage solutions that take the needs of high-net-worth individuals into account, Seeman Holtz includes options for private client insurance. This coverage was crafted with the knowledge that the costliest events for this demographic usually involve liability, as wealth can come with the concern of being a target of lawsuits.

Seeman Holtz lawsuit mitigation strategies for its Private Client Group include a range of coverages formed by calculating the proper amount of personal excess liability coverage each client requires for proper protection. These options can help financially protect against claims from:

  • Automobile Liability Incidents
  • Aircraft Ownership Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Domestic Employment Practice Liability
  • Liability Arising from Fractional Ownership of Aircraft
  • Liability for the Tort’s of Their Minor Children
  • Uninsured/ Under-Insured Motorist Liability Situations
  • Yacht Liability

Seeman Holtz realizes that the insurance sector can be daunting for individuals that are not fully educated on the ins and outs of the industry. For this reason, the firm will act as a resource for mid to high level information on the insurance sector that may benefit those that are interested. Future posts will address topics such as why individuals are beginning to purchase insurance at younger ages, how insurance trends have changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how businesses can ensure that they are maintaining insurance most useful for their current situation.